Important UK Service Number Update
Our service number for the UK and rest of the World has changed, our previous UK number is longer in service. Login and visit your Profile to update to the new service number.

    Backup and Save your SMS online

    Save a message and see it appear instantly in your account. Its never lost or accidentally deleted when you change or upgrade phones and there's never a limit on storage so you wont ever run out of space.

    Works with Android

    Introducing our first official smartphone app available now for Android. Fully automated backup with original date and contact info directly over a data connection with no SMS forwarding charges.

    Organize easily 1000's of text messages

    With room for 1000's of text messages we've got tools to help organize them. Drag 'n drop messages between folders and use the built-in contacts list so you always remember exactly who said what and when.

    Remember the finer details

    Ever wonder what that text message from years ago was all about? To help remind you of your messages you can add little short notes to each of them. Where you where, what you were doing and why you kept it.

*When using our international service numbers please be aware you are charged by your operator your standard domestic or international rate to send your messages to this number. Please check with your network operator first about charges.